Monday, July 27, 2009

Flory Reunion

A well represented Flory family enjoyed renewing ties with each other this past Saturday at Bridgewater. Every family had at least a few there. And what a spectrum from those in their 80's to one just a few weeks old. Among us were the hail and hearty to those quite frail. Yet, what joy as we picnicked and swapped memories.

We were blessed by the presence of some of Ruth’s children (she passed away last year) who came from Charlotte, NC and from the Athens, GA area. That’s a long drive just to be with family a few hours! Thanks, David, Jack and Donna for making a huge effort.

Some of the family brought Carson from the Bridgewater home. They also brought over his tractor that another member of the family had entered in a recent “tractor-pull” contest. Carson’s wife, Lucille, gamely climbed into the driver’s seat for a picture shoot.

Evelyn and Gene who had both recently been in the hospital were there and blessed us with their presence.

The little park, down by the river that flows by Bridgewater was the perfect place for the family.We met with mixed emotions of joy and sorrow as we realize there is a real possibility some of us will not see each other again.

I particularly relished the long chats with Larry, Jeff and Dorothy. There were equally fun but brief visits with Keith, Jodie, Ruthie and Elaine.