Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

I've always been fascinated by lights. At first it was the kerosene lamps on the tongas in India. Then the brake lights shining from the back of a Model A Ford possessed by one of our more modern mission stations in India. The great headlight on the Frontier Mail locomotive was also a thrill to watch as it appeared on the distant night horizon before it thundered into the Bulsar, India station.

At Dehradun it would be the twinkling lights of Mussoorie on a cold March day before sunrise. A constellation of white twinkling pinpoints near the top of a distant ridge. From Prospect Point near the top of a Himalayan ridge on a cool crisp evening it would be the light of Dehradun.

When we returned to America it would be the lights on our first Christmas tree. As an old man yhat fascination with lights of all colors that adorn houses, yards,  bushes and trees still manages to
attract my interest.

We had numerous lit homes in the vicinity this Christmas. One even made the 10 top tacky homes in the nation list. I'm sure you had a similar home near you. Thank heavens for gaudy bright lights to celebrate the Season!!


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