Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The big snow began for us round 1:30 this past Monday and piddled around for a half hour or so sort of teasing us. It even stopped for awhile as if deciding it wasn’t quite ready to really fire up. Around 5:30 pm it began to snow in earnest. Our Governor declared a State emergency as all of Virginia would be impacted by the storm. Our main concern is that we wouldn't lose electricity. At 18 degrees F. our house can become uncomfortable within an hour or so. Because it began in the western area of  Virginia  before noon, my sister Mary was able to stay home from teaching responsibilities. Our daughter, Cathy was able to leave work mid afternoon  just as some of the roads were beginning to get slick. By 6:45 there was about 1 1/2  inches down.

I cooked spaghetti for supper which worked well for such a cold evening.

By 9 pm we had about 4-5 inches and the temps stayed around 17-18 F. Lib watched a basketball game on TV and I took pics of the snow and kept up with the news via iPhone and FaceBook. We went to bed around 11:00 hoping the current would stay on and let our new heat pump do its job. Fortunately that was the case. 

It stopped sometime before daybreak and I took a few more pics. Looks as if we may have had a tad more than the 6 inches they had forecast. Because of the cold temps it was a dry powdery snow that yielded rather easily to blowing rather than shoveling. I opened paths to the mailbox for us and our next door neighbors who so graciously share their newspaper with us every morning. 
How it looked at 1:30 pm Monday

Our cardinal friend supervising the storm.

About 6-7 inches by 9:00 pm. 

around 9:00 pm front of house. 


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