Saturday, September 12, 2015

National Older Adults Conference 2015

It’s been a long time since I have written to my blog….

Every two years the Church of the Brethren  have sponsored NOAC (National Older Adults Conference ) at  Lake Junaluska  (a Methodist Conference Center in the Smokey Mountains of 
North Carolina.  Lib and I have attended several times and have benefitted from the challenges

The purpose is to inspire 50+ year old’s to get off their duffs and  contribute more of whatever they can to improve themselves, their communities, and their world. To accomplish this the 5 day meeting is built around presentations based on Scripture and the imperatives they suggest for our lives. Blind pianist Ken Medema was one of our stars this time. Not only is his accompanying astonishing but so is his ability to compose a song on the spot weaving into it a narrative he has just heard a few minutes before. This year the assembled 900+ participants were challenged to do what they could to help our Nigerian Brethren who have suffered so 
terribly from the warfare in their area. Also there were presentations that  would be helpful toward  being more accepting of the sexual revolution that is occurring in our world. 

Because these gatherings are Church of the Brethren  sponsored there is a built in understanding that we will encounter and think outside the box. Our Anabaptist heritage impels us to shed the old constricting skin and emerge a new creature  from time to time.

Change is uncomfortable at first, but each generation must decide what it means to follow in the 
footsteps of  Jesus Christ. 

Lake Junaluska
Stuart Hall where the main presentations occurred
Terrace Hotel where we stayed
rose among hundred on rose walk

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