Monday, January 25, 2016

Big January Snow --page 2

Lib cleaning off our car
Sunday I rose early to take more pics. The one at the bottom of the page was the only one I chose to put in this post.

A foot on the fence..
a lot of shoveling to clear a walkway to street

After lunch we went out and I took more pics using iPhone 6s. In fact they're all from the phone. Seem just as sharp as the ones using the Canon. Interesting.
at dawn's early light Sunday
Abstract snow photo art...

Sunday, January 24, 2016


around 10:30 Friday am

12:00 noon Friday
After a huge weather watchers build up it began snow very lightly around 10:00 am on
Friday morning.

It was below freezing and the road past our
home became covered very quickly as this
first picture shows.

By noon it was falling faster and there is
perhaps an inch on the fence. That is one of
my markers.

Saturday evening 9:00

Saturday evening 9:00
Snowed hard all Saturday and it was impossible to get good pictures. Often there
was nearly whiteout sort of conditions.

Saturday evening as we were preparing to call it a day, I took these photos of some deck
furniture and a container. Think there must have been nearly a foot on the ground. Very
fine and dry snow.

Took two more shots night shots with my
Canon  camera using the available light.
A winter wonderland!

Sunday morning early 

Sunday morning there was no church service
to attend and I spent the morning gathering more pictures.

Sunday Morning around 9:30. Enough sunlight
to take pictures that are really pretty.