Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Visit to Our Past

Monday October 17 I decided to make a reconnoitering trip to the Skyline Drive which is about 80 miles from our Midlothian area home.  It was a bright sunny afternoon and we would arrive in time to catch a nice Autumnal light to enhance the colors.

Unfortunately, it's been dry and the foliage was green and brown with very few colorful trees readily available. If time permits we may try a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway... believe they may have had more rain in that direction which could contribute to more dramatic colors. Think there is probably only a window of two weeks and often when it is the most colorful,  duties prevent the trip up to the mountains.

Lib had often expressed the wish to visit Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren where we were pastor and young wife while I attended my last two years at Bridgewater College.  The church is in Crimora, Virginia and within about a half hour drive of Skyline Drive at the Waynesboro, Va. end.

We had visited briefly once in the past and couldn't recall much from that time. This time I took pictures of the church which appears newly painted, has a paved parking area, and an addition to the back of the building. We visited the cemetery adjacent to the church and found the tombstones of Howard and Gracie Crickenberger who were prominent and helpful in steering our experience there in positive and helpful ways.  We saw other family last names but were not able to connect with direct memories. On our way to Grottoes down highway #340 we drove past the house that was the church parsonage.  Lib was able to identify it with much more assurance than I as she could recall specific features which I had forgotten.  The second picture is of the welcoming front doors.
It appears to be a thriving congregation and recently celebrated a homecoming event from one of the posters out front. It's been 60+ years since we were there and are grateful for the experience. Happy memories.
Pleasant Hill Church of the Brethren