Monday, December 28, 2015


This has been a good but unusual Christmas. The weather was quite unusual being much more monsoon like rather than cold and snowy.

A soggy back yard and rushing creek usually dry.
James Center Outside
The Season began with our symphony's traditional program at the James Center in downtown Richmond. We had a large and enthusiastic audience to hear our Christmas offering. The balmy weather with no rain was a further inducement.

Our little tree.
Lib and I before concert
The following Sunday I was part of a small orchestra and large chorus at Bon Air Baptist church for their afternoon presentation. I learned a new musical skill, how to follow a  "click score". Goes to show that for a least a few of us old geezers we can adjust to the times and make use of the new gadgets.

A huge wet weather system moved in over the Christmas weekend and just about inundated us. Guess we should feel fortunate because in other sections of our country there was flooding and in the northern quadrant blizzard conditions.

Tuesday after Christmas and Lib surveying the room
Christmas Eve we went to Cathy's church to share the service with them at Swift Creek Baptist. It is only 10-15 minutes from our home and even though it was raining when we left around 3:20 for the 4:00 service it had stopped when we emerged at 5:00. There was still a little daylight through the breaking clouds.

Christmas morning we drove the 12 minutes over to Cathy's home to share a brunch and the opening of presents, something we have done since we moved to Richmond to be near them. Jimmie and Sharon Miles, Jeff's parents have shared this traditional time with us also.

Later the older Miles left to prepare for a trip to Florida and Lib and I returned home for a short time to gather up some deviled eggs Lib had made for the evening meal. She had also made a pound cake, candy, and an apple pie. Cathy had prepared a filling Christmas supper of chicken breasts in sauce, green beans, and mashed potatoes. She also made a pumpkin pie. There was no reason anyone should leave the table hungry.

We finished the evening by playing Christmas carols on our instruments. Devin our grandson played 1st violin, I played 2nd, Cathy played cello, and Jeff played guitar. That was our Christmas.