Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Butterfly Lovers

Over a decade ago an Asian student in our strings class at William Fleming HS introduced me to a Chinese concerto for violin called “The Butterfly Lovers”.  As soon as possible I accessed it on the new YouTube and was entranced by how well the two musics were blended in a fine work requiring real ability on the instrument by the violinist.

Today an Indian friend who knows my interests introduced me to a trio of musicians called Crazy Horse via YouTube. The one instrument I knew the least about was the chinese urhu. I did a little Google search and then went to YouTube where I found a lavish production of the Butterfly  Lovers  played by an orchestra where the violins were replaced by urhus and the concerto was played by a masterful young lady on the two string urhu with great panache. 

If you’re not familiar with this concerto and are a violinist or a curious musician you may want to 

become acquainted with these two versions. The one played on the urhu is  a really amazing feat, limited as it is by just two strings.