Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Hot tea was one of the first comforting beverages I remember as a child in India. I particularly remember Earl Grey as that was the tea they served in the train station restaurant at Dehradun, the terminus of the rail line. There was where we caught the bus for Musoorie/Landour and ultimately Woodstock School . Since this is my first post it will take some time for me to learn how to post well.

Most of my writings will hopefully be of the warm encouraging kind...there is enough vitriol in the world to satisfy that need. So when I post I will try, dear reader, to be a cock-eyed optimist, even when things look horrid. I'm not being unrealistic, I'm very aware of the carnage being carried out in numerous hot spots..it's just that revelling in white fluffy snow, the dancing smile in a child's eyes, the assuredness of a young artist (musician) just remind me of the lift one gets from a hot sip of "garum chai"

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