Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Music World is Small

Was getting settled in for our second rehearsal when a young woman asked if she could share the stand with me. Since our positions have not been settled yet, I was happy to have someone on the stand with me. Shortly, in small chit-chat we discovered that she also was from the Roanoke area (Franklin county) and had played in the Roanoke Youth Symphony. She also had been a student of a stand partner of mine in the Roanoke Symphony. She is a very competent instrumentalist and we could make a good team. We both are competitive and she is willing to try my suggestions for smoother and more accurate ensemble playing. She is preparing on her CPA certification as she works for a local firm. Also, noticed the name of a cellist that played a few weddings for me before moving to Chester on the email roster. Not sure if she still plays with the orchestra, but it’s interesting that she is on the list. Will check it out.

Getting so I feel less and less isolated as I connect with people who do what I do and know friends that I know. Took a different road out of the parking lot when we were done at 9:20 pm. Both the GPS and I were momentarily lost....and then the GPS knew where it was and got us back on the way home. Thank goodness for GPS!!

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