Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Faith and Statistics....

We who are seekers and believers know to “live by faith”. Even the apostles who were near the initial events had to learn to discern and listen to the inner voice or look for “signs” they were moving their lives congruently with His will.

At different times in my own life there has been the experience of stepping out into a threatening situation in faith and finding a helping Hand in retrospect. I suspect Jesus in his finite form had the same doubts, especially in those awful moments when he felt the cold grip of death and all seemed lost causing him to cry out “My God, why have You forsaken me?”

Several years ago Lib and I momentarily lost control of our car on an icy West Virginia road. We were moving fast enough that had we run off the road or collided with another vehicle death or great injury was most probable. Thank goodness after a few fishtail moments the car found pavement to right us and we were out of harms way. We gave thanks for nothing more than a bad scare. We also learned how quickly one’s condition could change! That God had more plans for us grew into our thinking.

My youngest brother, a survivor of the Vietnam conflict, believes more in statistics. He had seen good friends die on each side in horrible ways and came to believe that it was just a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. To die is humanity’s universal lot. In war perhaps one is more inclined to believe that statistics governs all. One can’t change the laws of physics, but just perhaps there are other operative factors. Survivors always seem to ask, “Why me?” Believers and seekers dimly see purpose for each life and how it plays out. Scripture points to
that with story after story and one can argue with God, but there it is.

A few days ago this younger brother was rammed by a tour bus and his van totaled. His own words were “ I’m amazed that I’m still here!” Many remarked on a social network what a loss it would have been had he been killed. One even asked jestingly if “ he was bullet proof?” We live by opposite belief systems but just sometimes the Source takes the proverbial baseball bat and makes His presence felt most forcefully. Was it just statistics and physics or a tap on the shoulder from a Friend saying, “There is meaning in all life and your’s isn’t over yet! I have need to work out my plan through what remains of your life span. Get a grip!”

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