Monday, July 5, 2010

Birthday Prayer

Omega Father the Source...

It is my birthday and I pause to give thanks for your Infinite graciousness to me.In my childhood you spoke to me through the voices of my father and mother. Yet, there was an instance when I came to you in a childhood terror...You comforted me and I knew you really Were.

In my youth, up the side of a Himalayan foothill, I thought that I could take a short cut up the mountainside where no footpath existed and found myself shortly hanging on
for dear life to small shrubbery roots and grass, knowing my life or a terrible fall was very possible. I called out in fear and trembling...and soon a solution and a path allowed my life to continue. It was just You and me, Lord ..and You answered. I never forgot.

I confess in my later youth to have neglected my conversations with you ...though I never was persuaded that You didn’t exist. I asked for guidance in those decisions that chart major life directions and it seemed the answers came from You.

As I have aged and I have had time to look down the long path of our journey together I see more and more clearly where You have spoken to me through family, friends, and
situations. Each encouraged and lifted me up or pointed a way when there was uncertainty.

So here I am Lord in a new place I would never have imagined being. As my body fails with age, You have surrounded me with new mentors bringing me Your words of encouragement. “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil” rings much truer now. It really is the shadow we fear, our imaginings as to how the end will come that causes distress. My soul rests in the confidence that some way, some how, we will meet and I will know you as only one can know You spirit to Spirit.

Thank you for another year! Thank you for permitting me be useful to myself and others. Thank You for increasing my faith by allowing small projects to move forward.

Thank you for the love of family and friends old and new who this day celebrate with me another year lived in Your Grace. In Jesus name, Amen.

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