Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

We were privileged to be the host family for our annual Neighborhood Watch get together from 6:30 to 8:30 last evening. Our committee chairwoman, Nancy Berger, did a great job of organizing it.

Nancy was on our carport by 6:00. She put up colorful balloons and a sign advertizing the meeting. She and her helpers also brought tables, cool drinks, and some finger foods. By 6:30 people began to arrive and we had a great time reacquainting ourselves with each other. We do have a nice neighborhood , but except for the couple beside us we have mostly “waving” relationships with the others. At least we’re beginning to get to know Nancy and her husband a bit better. Not sure how much safer it makes us, but each time we meet we get the handout that helps us to be more effective in reporting activities of people that may be suspect.

The EMS and police for our area also visited briefly. It was quite exciting to see the big yellow fire truck come around the corner, go up the street, turn around and then stop near where we were congregated. Their crews came out and introduced themselves to us as did our Chesterfield police. Any activity that promotes people getting to know each other in our neighborhoods has got to be good. We have churches (sometimes across town), clubs, and interest groupings, but they’re not neighbors. We need to cultivate the friendship of those who live right beside us. That’s what
neighbors are for.

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