Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Hip Replacement...last installation

A month yesterday I was groggily coming out of anesthesia from my second hip replacement. I knew that it would take a month to recuperate.

Here I am at a month plus one day. This morning I walked five laps around the house with no support and after sitting awhile have been walking around without a cane. Yes, my left leg is considerably weaker than the right, but I can now put weight on it and there is little pain.

This past Fall I certainly had a different perspective on the rest of my life...that shortly I would be confined to a wheel chair and that any sort of walking would always be accompanied by considerable pain and discomfort...that the inevitable spiral downward was irrevocable.

After the first hip joint was replaced in January I was truly amazed at how
rapidly the recovery was. That I might be whole again was just another operation....which I had.

I’m now off the coumadin and pressure hose. My left leg muscles are gaining
strength each day. In two months I’m hoping to report that I can walk several hundred yards to a half mile with or without a cane, preferably without!

I literally have my life back. I thank my Lord for allowing me this new hope. I appreciate the skill of Dr. Jessup, my surgeon, and the encouragement of my close family and friends.

It has not been a grueling recovery; the two nights in the hospital were the most uncomfortable, but it was all bearable and doable. If you’re an older person suffering from arthritis in your hips and you’re in good health otherwise, this is a wonderful way to get a new lease on life. I’m truly grateful!

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