Monday, July 18, 2011

A Flory Reunion

The Flory family will soon be meeting for their annual summer reunion/picnic. We will gather at the little park in Bridgewater that has been our rendezvous spot for a number of years now. We will all be a year older which is great for the children, alright for the middle year folks, and possibly problem laden for those above 65. Two of the older sisters require some oxygen and my wife Lib, has some “back” associated issues that will be addressed by surgery in late Fall. Though the baby sister of the original family, it is her turn to be "in charge" and host.
Already we're assembling the items and planning for this occasion.

It will take some time to set the tables for the expected family, arrange the food for easy access, greet the family as it arrives, and give the necessary introductions and invocation. Afterwards we will catch up with a year’s absence, especially with those who are some distance or are one or two generations removed from the original family. For a few it will a little daunting to meet so many they are supposed to be kin to. For we older folk, it will be a joy
just to know that we have made it through another year. How we will relish the telling of
our aches,pains, and the rare maladies our physicians have pulled us through. The oldest children, new grandparents themselves, are learning the nuances of this patter. We will recount the exploits of our children and grandchildren. Our grandchildren will resemble those of Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegone". They will surely be above average!!

Most likely we’ll have 30-40 for a 12:30 lunch. There’ll be the traditional assortment
of meats and drinks. The weather prognostication is for a hot day near 100 degrees. Too hot for a really good gathering, but maybe a cold front will move through or clouds cover us and make it more comfortable. At least the gurgling of the river nearby may create the illusion of coolness.

Among our family we have teachers, at least one physician, business and sales folk, transport expert, former farmers and a large group of retirees or near there. Most of us are “church” folk, meaning we attend at our local congregations. After all, Walter and Emma Flory, who begat this large clan were pillars in the Church of the Brethren, first at Garber’s and later at the Dayton, Virginia CoB.

I particularly look forward to this gathering because my stuation is SO different this year. My two successful hip replacements from the beginning of the year have made it possible for me to move almost as easily and pain free as seven years ago. It’s hard to remember how different it was from the debilitating effects of osteo arthritis which really made me an “old” man. Many who remembered me walking slowly and painfully with a walker or cane are going to be surprised at the change in me. I’m truly grateful for the skill of my surgeon and the prayers of my family and friends.

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