Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virginia Earthquake

Our first earthquake hit here in Richmond around 1:51 PM EDT! Lib and I had just finished lunch and were in our living room when I heard what I thought was a distant and low helicopter approaching us. Shortly after, the house began to rattle just a little and the sound became louder. In a few seconds the rattle became quite alarming and stronger. Since neither of us had experienced a prolonged quake we didn’t know exactly what it was. (Earth quakes don’t happen ever in Richmond, do they?!) About the time I had figured out what it was the rattling began to subside and it was more of an item of interest.

Since we have a computer I went on FaceBook and discovered that some of my friends had experienced it also and that their friends in far away places also felt it! Next I went to Twitter and reported briefly our experience and then looked for others. Sure enough there was all sorts of news that was being reported first hand. I went back to Google News but they didn’t report it for several minutes. It was a window rattler for sure!! I search with NOAH and discover that the epicenter was Mineral, Virginia and officially it was 5.9 on the Richter scale. We may have after shocks but they shouldn’t be as severe.

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