Monday, September 3, 2012

A Come Back....

I am so proud of my wife Lib! Around this time in December she had a major back operation to correct several severe problems that were making her life miserable One of the hopes she expressed to her surgeon was to be able to do her normal homemaking work, including the entertaining of family. They told her that they felt a 75% recovery was definitely possible. Tonight she proved that even more was possible.

Several weeks ago she began planning this evenings dinner. It was to be a celebratory dinner, marking Jeff and Cathy's 19th anniversary and the beginning of Devin's going to middle school. She also invited Jimmie and Sharon, Cathy's in-laws, to enhance the celebration.

Lib's goal was to pretty much do it all herself. This morning she peeled the apples and baked the apple pie.
Lib mixing the poppy seed chicken recipe.
Our dining area ...
Chicken recipe into the oven.

Lib and Bill after the dinner...

I sort of tidied up the premises. This afternoon she cooked the chicken, prepared  the poppy seed chicken,  set the table, fixed the peas, and did the other things to make our families feel welcome and comfortable.
It was a fun evening!!

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Donna Dilley said...

I am so happy that Lib and you are doing well and glad that the surgery was a success.