Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Night before: Cathy calls and tells us that they have some more houses to look at. Yippee.
We go for a last dinner at Figi..tell Charlie Wang that we’re leaving for Richmond.
Benny and Faye come by to visit us that evening. We were blessed to be able to visit with them one more time. What a gracious and wonderful couple they are...full of joy yet resilient in so many ways. Hope we can imitate them in our new digs.

Moving Day

We/re up before 6:00, ate a breakfast of french toast fixed in the oven, in pie pans. had coffee. Went online and answered a lovely email wishing us Godspeed from Alton and Mildred Hipps.
Beginning to gather small toilet articles and pills into carry on bag by 7:30. Also, read the paper.
In about half hour or less there will be folk in to help the final phase. At about 8:00 am Bill and Carolyn came over to help get us organized for the last push. I had a good visit with Bill while the wimmenfolk continued their efforts. A little later Bill and I started to tear down tables and bureaus. A little later we had Buddy arrive with and position the truck for maximum efficiency. Among the loaders were; Mike, Johnny, Garland, Richard , Fletcher, Benny, Bill, Floyd. Joyce brought drinks and snacks and Carolyn helped inside. Ed ,our pastor also came to be with us .. My profoundest apologies if I missed someone, especially if you're reading this blog. (Let me know and I'll re edit and include you !!)The truck was loaded and ready to go by 11:15 and in the meantime I had managed to find a pizza place that would bend the rules to get us 3 big pizzas by 11:15.

By 12:30. people were getting through eating and saying their goodbyes. Lib and finished loading the cars and getting squared away with Verizon. By 2:00 we were on the road to Richmond.

SATURDAY: Buddy and Richard drove the truck with all our worldly goods to the storage facility. They were there by 10:00. From the New Covenant CoB we had their pastor, Jim, also Ed, Hubert, and another Jim. Also, my nephew Brian. They completed the task by 11:30. We went to a nearby barbecue place and had lunch and fellowship. God is good!!

Saturday afternoon we looked at more houses and SUNDAY we went to Jeff and Cathys’ church for worship. We met our Realtor at 3:00 for more house hunting that afternoon. We finally were able to unanimously agree on a property in the Branderville subdivison. By Monday we had firmed up the offer and now it just remains for a few minor details for the move to be complete. IT IS LOOKING GOOD.

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