Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our New Life Begins...

We have been in our new home now for a week. Much of the unpacking has been accomplished thanks to the efforts of dear church family in Roanoke who shared a day of their lives to come here and help us. That’s a measure of true friends...those who will make such a significant effort to help you in your time of need. Karma demands that we reciprocate...for Jesus plainly said "you reap what you sow. "

This past Sunday we visited the West Richmond CoB and met a number of people who had like interests or who knew family or friends. That is the nature of the Church of the Brethren...it’s almost Jewish in that most of the American branch can trace lineage back to Berks County, PA.
Routine is setting in somewhat. We rise around 6:30 or 7:00, eat breakfast and do "cabin" clean up chores. I like the morning to do email and book keeping. We keep accounts so we know where we are financially...a prudent activity at any age, but especially when in retirement.
Until lunch there are boxes still to open and things to place.

After lunch there is often a siesta for 45 minutes or so. My back needs a little time to rejuvenate and the nap helps immensely. Then I may practice my violin (yes...it helps just to play a little every day, then the instrument doesn’t feel "strange" in the hands!!). Afternoon is often the time we go out of the house for groceries or for other errands. We try to get them all under the same trip so we don’t waste gasoline.

There is the 4:00 trip to pick up Devin, our grandson, and take him home, which is seven minutes from our home. We stay with him there until his parents arrive around 6:00 and then we return home for dinner.

After supper, if we’re so inclined there will still be boxes to unpack. Books need to be shelved and pictures need an assigned space on the walls. In between times I will make several forays to the computer for news, entertainment or to read and answer emails.
Weekends are sometimes devoted to short trips out of the area or for business (gigs) that are still to do in the Roanoke area. Then we get to see "home folks".

I look forward to meeting fellow musicians in the Richmond area and watching our grandson grow. The house is a wonderful place to live. I thank God for his many blessings!!

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