Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Believe...

Beliefs are important because they are what steer us through life. Since we age and since we are human, beliefs often change. We acquire our beliefs through experience, education, and psychological predisposition. In our youth we are apt to be quite sure about our limited belief system. For many, who are not disposed for further critical thought or analysis, this is where an atrophy may set in. As we age and life has presented us with its challenges and conundrums we tend to be less sure about core beliefs. That is the wisdom presented in biblical Job.

Now that I’ve arrived at a ripe and reflective age here are a few of my beliefs...

I believe that “reality” as we experience it is real...that we are not just a “dream” in the mind of the Creator. (Not sure we can prove that ...but beliefs should be rational!)

I believe in a Creator. I believe that human life is one of God’s most interesting experiments and that each of us was brought into being for the working out of that vast enterprise.

I assent to the tenants expressed in “The Apostle’s Creed”. It encompasses in a few words concepts that continue to be studied and interpreted.

I believe that love is stronger than hate, though “the wrong seems oft so strong”.

Science is incapable of solving “our problems”. There is always an equality equation. What is solved at one end begets another at the other.

Though I subscribe to “the sanctity of all life” I believe that human life takes precedence over other forms. That said, we’re still required to steward the earth on which we live.

I believe in a sort of “karma”. We shall reap what we sow if not in this life then
in the next.

I believe we will recognize each other in the next mode and that implies some memory of our present earthly existence.

Though I use scientific logic as much as possible...I believe there are either things we don’t understand , or that current knowledge is not capable of explaining. (mental telepathy, prophesy, the meaning of sets of "order" or laws
in the universe we barely know.)

At the end, and there will be an end, something new and different will be. The experiment will continue only in a new mode. A part of us will continue into that new mode.

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