Monday, March 2, 2009

A Richmond Snow!

For two winters we have wished for enough snow to measure. Each season we would be teased by forecasts followed by just a few flurries. So when they said we could get as much as 8 inches I was a bit dubious . The temperature was about 32-34 Sunday morning when we went to church. As we came home from service there was a grey overcast sky and rain mixed with sleet.

That’s what it did most of Sunday afternoon. I went on Facebook and sister Mary, who lives near Crozet, was excited about a forecast of 10 + inches. Based on past experiences I dissd the notion, hated to disillusion her.

Around 5:30 it started to snow very large flakes. Yes the “web” forecasts were pretty sure we would get significant amounts. The temperature dropped a little and the snow lost its “flurry” pattern and settled into a steady beat that began to stick to surfaces,

We ate leftovers for supper and watched with increasing happiness as the storm began to paint a winter evening landscape. It was a wet and heavy event and clung beautifully to tree limbs and branches. Facebook traffic between a small Kinzie set suddenly burgeoned. Mary reminded me of my negative prediction!

Around 8:00 pm Cathy called and said that she had lost power. Our own lights flickered several times but never died completely. Around 11:30 we went to bed uneasy about how Cathy’s family would cope the night. The flakes were coming down fast and furious..probably 4 inches on the deck.

This morning it was still snowing lightly when we ate breakfast. Could not reach Cathy by either cell or land line. Lib got the itch to get out in it and took a broom to the walk. I took photos and movies of her enjoying her activity. I used some down time to begin work on my taxes and to find out about Richmond Philharmonic rehearsal cancellation. We tried to reach Cathy several times but the circuits were down.

Around two or so after lunch we heard the doorbell. Wondered who it could be..and there was Cathy and family. Her husband and young son spent much of the afternoon widening the path to the road and clearing the driveway. That was hard work as none had melted and there was probably 8-10 inches. Devin watched a little TV, climbed up on his daddy’s lap and promptly dropped into a deep sleep. Little feller was “jus’ plumb wore out” from all the shoveling.

Had a wonderful visit with our young family! They went home and soon called to let us know they had electricity. It is now near 10:00 pm and very little has melted and it will be even colder tonight. Winter has a grip on us. Sometimes the snow brings more than just beautiful cold....warm and thoughtful hearts!

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