Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A concentration of coincidences

It was an amazing weekend. We’ve now lived in the Richmond area almost two years. From my affiliation with The Richmond Philharmonic I am now playing in two quartets. Sandy, a violinist in the second quartet invited me to be part of a chamber music event this past weekend. One of the accompanists, Joyce, was from Roanoke, our former home city. Turns out she was a close friend of Judy, a musical (guitarist) friend of mine, from our home church Oak Grove Church of the Brethren.

Sunday morning Lib and I went to our present church, West Richmond Church of the Brethren. Our pastor David’s uncle, Carson, is Lib’s brother. It was special this Sunday as the Bridgewater College Choir would be the morning worship service. The director of the choir, Dr. Hopkins, is my cousin by marriage. As we pulled into the parking lot, who did we see but Buddy and Linda, dear Roanoke friends from Oak Grove,they were returning from the beach and just decided to stop by, on the chance they might see us.

After the service someone pecked me on the shoulder. I turned around and there was my dead brother’s ex, Denny. It had been a number of years since we had last seen her and it was quite a surprise! We had pretty much lost touch. Seems there was a connection with the parent of one of the chorus members and she had come to hear the good music and visit with her friend.

If one is an active string musician in Richmond and belongs to West Richmond, the odds increase significantly for running across someone who is/has been kin, or knows someone well that you know. It is the disparateness of the contacts that makes it so amazing.

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