Monday, May 25, 2009


For each named person there are many unnamed who represent similar blessings and gifts of grace.


Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and a time to express gratitude. I’m thankful for a daughter whose suggestion we move to Richmond caused us to reinvent our lives and added a whole new layer of friends. A grateful thanks to Christina, Lani, and Francis who have been recently instrumental in that reinvention.

Am grateful to Oak Grove CoB, it’s pastor Ed, and special friends Linda, Buddy, and Sam who ministered to us in unique ways. Many others there are also dear to our hearts. This congregation with its many friends will always be “home” for us.

We remember HT and Ruth who opened the door to square dancing and invited us into their hearts and home. With them came a constellation of “dance” friends with whom we shared many happy memories.

There are Roanoke music friends CC, Carol, Joyce, and Annamarie, who shared time and skill, but most of all their Christian faith as they expressed it in their daily lives. They were/are such inspiring teachers inviting those around to join them in fellowship with the Teacher.

I’m so grateful to Verda, a Woodstock classmate, whose dedication to her school and class mates revived that interest and link for me. Verda invited me to join her “writer’s “ club and this has been a fun discipline. It has also revealed in depth the many facets of our friends’ concerns and interests.

My Aunt Dottie wrote a book a number of years ago about Anna Mow, a woman far ahead of her time, whose life impacted the lives of world leaders, especially those of India. She was also a mystic, whose personal encounter with the Teacher was the compelling force in her life. I recently reread it shortly after reading the novel “The Shack”. If you’ve followed me this far I invite you to click on my top link “Beyond the Walls” and learn from another mystic concerning her personal journey. Look back especially into Jill’s India/Himalaya experience. She is now in Africa for a brief time bringing her special gifts to those in great need.

Finally I’m grateful for missionary parents whose faith was immense...puts mine to shame. But, even those of us at a mature age may learn lessons about “walking on water” from those who preceded us and some who journey ahead. We are not finished products until our last breath. We need to be open to the “still small voice “ within. To put out the fleece ( a Biblical reference) and wait for guidance from wherever it comes. Life is to be lived courageously, in joy and in gratitude.

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