Thursday, January 20, 2011

Operation Day

Thank goodness our hospitial is only 10 minutes away, We were supposed to be there by 7:00 so got up at 5:15 and took my final shower and scrubbed the hip with a special salve for 3 minutes that sterilized the general area. No breakfast they want you clean .

Arrived on time and checked in. A whole list of pre op questions that were reiterated and confirmed several times over. Around 8:00 they brought Lib, my wife, and Cathy our daughter back for final hugs and kisses. Think our pastor, Dave, was also there for a brief prayer.

After they left my surgeon came and marked the leg he was going to install the prosthesis. Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room.
Part of the anesthesia was a “hip block”. Therefore I couldn’t communicate with my lower limbs. Couldn’t wiggle toes or move my legs at all. Now I know how people feel who have injured their backs severely.

Because of the heavy sedation, I was in no pain. So for several hours
I was there “recovering”. A little later I could squeeze my thighs together in one of the first PT exercises. As the block wore off I began to be able to just slightly wiggle my toes. Around that time they wheeeled me into my room and I was introduced to the staff that would oversee my recovery.

Somewhere in the afternoon I was encouraged to take a few steps using a walker. Hardest part was getting my uncooperative right leg off the bed and on to the floor. I walked to the window and back to the bed. Felt good about that.

Lib and Cathy were in and out to check on me and to prepare things at the house for my return. In the late afternoon Barbara our church secretary/administrator came to visit. We had both received Kindle’s for Christmas and were discussing their various features, when the first wave of nausea hit quite suddenly with no warning and I was quite sick. Nurse brought me some anti nausea medicine and soon I was all right.

I had my first meal...some soup. Didn’t really feel like eating more.

Later in the eve ning, Jeff, Devin, and Cathy came for a visit. Enjoyed talking to them and then put on my second nausea show. Felt sorry for Devin, he gets sympathy nausea .

After they left I had a very long......uncomfortable night, something to be expected. Nurses checking on vitals, drinking the requisite fluid, breathing into a machine that makes the lungs take dep breaths to ward off pneumonia.
I should say that the pain was managed well....first nights are bearable....just not a lot of fun.

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Philip said...

what an ordeal!
hope your recovery is fast without too much pain.

I finally got it! I kept reading
garuuumchai, until, like a light bulb going off, I realised - hot tea! hot tea! Get your hot tea here at Bill's. Duh.