Monday, January 24, 2011

Thursday through Monday

These four days have been nominally uneventful...except to say that each day saw some more healing, more flexibility, and more endurance. Thursday I began a regiment of PT and laps around the house. Biggest problem was getting into bed, a little quick pain as I raised my repaired limb up into the bed. I ran a low grade fever which the nurse explained as my body trying to “Kill” the steel intruder by raising a small fever. In subsequent days my temperature has returned to normal.

Friday: My PT began showing results....more flexibility in my exercises and getting into and out of bed was less painful. Lisa, our older daughter , came down from Delaware to help Lib with the household chores. I noticed some swelling of my right leg and was assured it was within normal limits. Continued walking around within the house, possibly 50 -60 yards total.

Saturday and Sunday: Noticing 2-3 % improvement each day on ability to flex legs. Phone calls, answering emails, and FB queries as to my progress and well being. Thanks to all who inquired. .

Today, Monday the 24, our pastor dropped by to check on me and had a pastoral prayer. I really appreciated that. Later my home nurse came by to test my blood and take my vitals. She removed the dressing and gave me the option not to have one as there had been no real drainage for several days. Decided not to have another applied and just let the air do its thing.

I went over to Cathy’s, with Lib and Lisa this afternoon to oversee Devin when he came in from school. Was concerned about the steps leading to their front door...but following protocol I ascended with little pain or feeling of imbalance. After Cathy came in from work we returned home. It was easier this time descending her steps.

Lisa fixed supper and later the Miles (Cathy’s family) came over for a last visit with Lisa before she returns to Delaware tomorrow. It’s been a good day!

Lord, thank you for all my family, doctor, and friends who have been faithful in prayer to bring about this new opportunity for service. Let me learn again to trust You when I’m called to be one of “good faith”

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Hey Bill,
First to remind you of me, I am the rail guy from India and from Oak Grove School , Mussoorie.
After ages I went through the old posts. Read your blog.
Get well soon. From the reading you seem to be doing fine. God Bless and lets stay in touch.
Hey by the way, I have retired from the Indian Goverment Service sept last.I am settling down in Delhi. Doing up our house.
Rakesh Chopra.