Monday, February 28, 2011

Six weeks since the hip replacement....

It/s been six weeks since I had my hip replacement operation. Family and friends are pleasantly surprised at my current status. I get around well with a cane or a walker and have significantly lengthened the distance I can manage with neither (at least a hundred yards inside on level carpet),Yes, my left hip still screeches at me, wanting equal treatment which we plan on sometime soon this spring or summer. It has made a significant improvement in my life outlook and I’m truly grateful for being able to have this procedure.

Thursday I hope to get together with some string friends and read through
Schubert's Quintet for two violins, viola, and two cellos. That should be GREAT fun!!

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Rakesh Chopra said...

Hi Bill, I am sure you must be much better now and moving about.
Bill I wonder if you remember , we in India have a festivals of colours, called HOLI.
Well, we have it tomorrow, and let me wish you and the family Happy Holi , as we say it.
Best of luck.
Rakesh Chopra