Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Milestone to Celebrate

About to celebrate a milestone in my life; our granddaughter graduates from high
school  on Sunday. It just seems a short while ago that she was just two hands
full of squirming life.

Lib and I moved here five years  ago believing that we probably wouldn't be
around for an extended number of years. Arthritis in my hips and scoliosis in
her back were turning us into pitiful old invalids. Then something wonderful
happened.. We were persuaded to take advantage of modern medical practice and
God and fine surgeons gave us a new  lease on life!!

 We had purchased a comfortable  one story home in Brandermill near Midlothian, Virginia.  Brandermill was one of the first " planned" communities in Virginia and is a lovely place to live. Some of it is lakeside property...the Smith Creek reservoir from which Chesterfield County gets its water is just a short distance from our house . A few of our neighbors live right on the lake. This morning I went for a therapy walk of some 1.7 miles and enjoyed the panorama that only a walk may provide.Two years ago I could scarcely walk across the room!! This morning was my longest one to date since my new hip replacements.

The homes are laid out on lanes and loops.  There are large oak, pine, and pear trees.  There is a definite forest feel throughout Brandermill.   A deep blue sky and the sounds of many happy birds in the trees made for a feeling of contentment.. Now and then a neighbor and I would cross paths as we did our walking routines. I felt exuberantly alive and joyous this morning. We have a good   blend of young families and retirees. Even though we don't avail ourselves of it, there is community pool within hearing distance. During the warm summer months it is a busy place indeed.

Part of the joy of living in Brandermill are our neighbors...the ones who aredear to us and known by name... and those who we wave to as we drive or walk past. Nancy Berger who lives on the loop at the lake is our community rep and organizes an annual "meet your neighbor " function that convenes on our front car port.Our direct next door neighbors are Dr. Roger and Rene’ Bourguignon What wonderful friends they have become.

The seasons here are varied and stimulating. Spring flowers and trees revel in their new finery. Summer is warm to hot...with occasional thunder storms and lightning. Fall is just glorious and winter snows are
an anticipated possibility though not guaranteed.
Entrance sign to our neighborood
Living room

Looking out the back window
View from kitchen window (front of house)

Fall  afternoon

Our place snow decorated

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