Sunday, April 15, 2012


I believe in karma! At least it appears to occur in portions of my life! When I was in my young teens I played softball, but nor baseball. My father who had invested a great deal of personal time in my violin instruction feared I might break a finger. I also played a little basketball. My sports tended to the more solitary type such as cross country, some pole vaulting, and hiking.

My grandson is making up for my lack thereof. He is 11 going on 12 and is one of the pitchers on the various teams he plays for. From the time we moved to Richmond five years ago, to the present moment we have attended many of his games. And I am slowly learning some of the
nuances of the game.

Yesterday his team won smashingly (I think that is a cricket term (cricket is European baseball and is played by many more people than baseball}). His grandmother and I were elated even though he didn’t pitch. (Turns out he was being held in reserve for today’s game). Today was sort of the reverse of yesterday. He pitched well...but the other team had a line of great hitters. In the first inng they got 6 or 7 advantage that Devin’s team was never able to overcome. They were able to slow down the accumilation of aditional runs, but the score was still something like 4-9 in the other team’s favor.

It was pleasant both afternoons, but this time it was warmer and windy. Several times the wind
stirred up an unpleasant amound of dust and threw it in our faces. Guess that is supposed to be one of the pleasures of attending a ball game. Makes one feel as if he has participated in a measurable way. As I said at the begining...I believe in karma. Karma is visitng baseball on me to make up for all the glorious years for which I was deprived.

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