Friday, April 6, 2012

A Return to Normalcy....

The day we anticipated has come and gone. Yesterday Lib and I went to Charlottesville, Virginia for a significant post operation consultation. She is on schedule and has been released to do pretty much whatever she feels like as long as it doesn’t hurt. She also received a 6 week prescription for some strengthening physical therapy. With the water aerobics she will recommence next week that ought to really augment her feeling better.

I have returned to some activities good for me, too. I’m playing once more in the Richmond Philharmonic...we’ll be performing Tchaikowsky’s great 5th symphony, Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, and a fluffy Rossini Overture. With my quartet we’re working on Brahm’s Opus. 60 piano quartet.I’m also getting in some violin lessons with my grandson, Devin. He’s holding his own and plays at a higher level, I believe, than I did at the same age level. We have the same problems, my father could not consistently teach me for various reasons, but I believe Devin is getting a bigger dose and we don’t have the long times of being away from the instrument.

Last year I put out a rather significant cash outlay to have our lawn mowed. Now I can do it on my own and have several times already. Today will be another ....and though it will be tiring, I should be able to get most of it done as the weather is crisply cool. No...I don’t have a riding mower as we did in Roanoke, it’s an electric push mower, that makes me walk a lot which is just what the doctor ordered. Last month I bought a small electric chain saw and trimmed our crepe myrtles back to the nub.I would not have even considered doing something like that this time last year.

Lib and I attended a Curry Club gathering in Charlottesville almost a month ago. Reconnected with a Woodstock alumnus that was in the Madison University orchestra with me in the early 60's. We discovered that both of us had attended Woodstock and someone alerted the local newspaper and an article was written about us. She reminded me of that article and our time in the orchestra. What a coincidence!!

Later this month Lib and I will return to the Roanoke area to Camp Bethel for “Sounds of the Mountain”. If you search my blog you will find some information about that. It will be fun to see old friends and some of my kin at this happening.

Check out my links, “Anne Linde” , and “Where in the World”. These are  tickets to my abiding interest in Woodstock School and the Himalayas. As a retiree with more time than money, the Web and YouTube provide  cheap ways to revisit here. I go there several times a week and am usually amply rewarded.

Our grandson is out of school this week, so we will have even larger blocks of unencumbered time to do whatever interests us. Have recently acquired an iPhone....the kind that talks to you. Interesting, interesting, where technology is moving!!

Thanks to my readers for being so patient. Blessings! Bill

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