Saturday, February 11, 2012

Walked a Mile!

Dear Readers,

       I apologize for not keeping up with my blog,,,,but since Lib’s big back operation in December we’ve been home bound and nothing worth writing about has occurred and this one won’t be long either.

       This past Monday I was able to participate in a string quartet with some of my favorite musician friends Francis ( cello), Dave (viola), and Larry (violin). It has been several months since we’ve been able to get together and it was great to read through some favorite Mozart quartets! As Lib becomes stronger and is able to stay home unattended, hope to do more of this.

      Yesterday I walked a mile with a cane! I’ve not been able to do that for 6 + years due to arthritis in my hips and a bad back. Had a laminectopy on my back those many years ago, but never walked more than a half mile. Then last year I had the hips replaced and there was no pain in walking, just needed to build up strength and endurance. I was walking about a half mile before Christmas and had t Lib not  had her operation, I might have reached the mile goal sooner. Now we’re both better thanks to the skills of the surgeons and  God’s grace!

     It’s too late to play in the upcoming RPO concert, but I hope to be able to do the Pops concert in June.

     It’s been a strange winter here in of the mildest yet. Haven’t seen any snow and except for a wintery cold snap in December, it’s been like Spring most of the time. Now watch us have a late winter and some significant snow!

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