Thursday, December 22, 2011


What an eventful 2011 has been for us! As bookends we started out with my two hip replacements that began in January and ended around July with my being able to walk and sit pain free. The other beng Lib’s extensive back surgery where two rods and screws were inserted to correct the curve of scoliosis and other assorted lower back conditions. That was this December so she’s just beginning recovery as it were.

Between those we were brushed by the remnents of a hurricane and lost power for several days. Then we experienced our first ever earthquake!

Otherwise we have been blessed with relative good health for our age and ability to participate in group activities; (Lib -water arobics) and I with symphony orchestra performances and quartet sessions. We were also able to make some day trips to Roanoke and Harrisonburg to see friends
and family. This summer and fall we attended numerous baseball games to watch our grandson and his team. He’s also growing as a violinist/fiddler/guitarist.

Our other family in Delaware has a daughter graduating this school year and two sons actively achieving in their sports and intellectual interests.

The ability to keep in touch with several groups of family and dear friends via the interenet keeps us up to date in their lives and helps immensely for us to maintain community. We aere especially grateful that Lib could do her convalescing at home instead of at Charlottesville!

Thank you Lord for your loving kindness, for all your mercies and grace.

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