Monday, June 25, 2012

A Family Wedding in West Virginia

New Mathias CoB
Renovated Parsonage
Lib and I  were privileged to attend and participate in a grand nephew’s wedding in “almost Heaven West Virginia”.For me it was trip past potent memories of my distant past. Our trip from Brandermill in the Richmond, Virginia area took us through Harrisonburg, Va. through Broadway, Va on #Rt.259 into Mathias, WV. Here I spent my last two years in high school. My father was the pastor at Mathias Church of the Brethren and taught also at Mathias High School. The church, though a brick structure was much smaller than the one in this picture...and the parsonage next door has been vastly updated, the fence around it removed and an added attached garage for the car! The road to Baker, WV was lined with new businesses and new homes that looked well cared for, not the dreary desperate ones I had remembered from 60 years or so ago.

We arrived at Keyser around three and stayed at the new Microtel Inn and Hotel. It was so new that my GPS couldn’t locate its location on the edge of town. It was very comfortable providing all the amenities: breakfast, flat screen TV in the room, and WiFi connection to the internet. Our room was a little cramped was the only criticism, but for an economical place to stay, perhaps that  should have been expected. Think it must be the only new inn/ hotel in town.

This was a family wedding for folks who loved the land and its heritage. The groom’s family had rented a large tent for the occasion and erected it on an expansive hill on the family farm. The rehearsal supper was at the Oak Dale church of the Brethren and other members of this large family decorated the tables and room while church people provided the supper.

Wedding rehearsal ...Lib seated, Sam lighting candles.
Rehearsal evening
My function was to provide the music for Aaron and Amber’s wedding. After the supper we convened at the farm for the rehearsal which was efficiently run and let me know exactly what was to happen when. By the time we were done there was a beautiful sunset behind the ridges to the west. The tiny figures on top of the mountain are part of 150 windmills that provide a portion of the electricity to that area’s grid.

We left the inn around 1:00 and were on site about 45 minutes later. Lib helped me set up and
held the music on the stand as I played the prenuptial program on my violin. A little breeze made it comfortable, but without her help it would have been a little dicey. (I can play by memory and did some of it that way, but am much more comfortable if I can see at least some of the music some of the time.) She made it SO much smoother.

After the wedding a catered meal was provided. The tables were beautifully arranged and there was an interesting variety of food and beverages. Family and friends were representative of all ages and we all had a marvelous time. It was a privilege to be there and  to participate.
Wedding day! Afternoon...

Lib and I in action! Dr. Rufus Huffman took this picture.

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