Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day in Roanoke...

Lib and I spent a delightful day in Roanoke, Virginia yesterday. It was our home for most of our lives and we have many good memories from there.

We left Brandermill about 7:15 in our trusty old 16 year old car a Toyota from the year 1995. It is reliable, gas efficient, and very comfortable for our old bones. Our route took us through Amelia, Appomattox, Lynchburg, Bedford, and into Roanoke. It was one of our hot, typical summer days and the car's AC was  taxed to the limit keeping us comfortable.

Lib first transacted some necessary banking at MemberOne credit union that she couldn't do from . Next we decided to visit our former church, Oak Grove Church of the Brethren. We were hoping to see Ed our pastor, and  Carol director of music and other church functions. Neither was in, but we met a young man who was the son of  a bell choir ringer we knew. He knew us before we recognized him Had an enjoyable  chat with him before going to our next place.

We ate lunch at a nearby restaurant that specializes in pork entrees. Thought we might have seen someone we recognized from our former lives in the area, but to no avail.

From Google maps of our former domicile it appeared that the new owner had added a carport. Thought we'd check it out, but when we arrived there was no such appendage to the house. Must have been some sort of temporary structure (tent maybe) that was there when the satellite flew over.

We next visited Tanglewood Mall for some cologne that we can't seem to find in our Richmond stores. The sales lady knew Lib from the days Lib had been a sales associate at Belk. They visited briefly catching up on store personnel Lib had known. The mall was nearly deserted, but since it was the noon hour that was to be expected.

Next we visited with Ruth Stafford. She is an incredibly inspiring woman; a great grandmother who sort of functions as an adopted mother. We keep in touch by phone and regular mail, but it had been since November that we had actually seen her. Then she was in an assisted living situation recovering from a fractured arm. In the meantime Lib had the big back surgery, so there was much to compare and talk about.
Ruth and "HT" (her husband now deceased) were responsible for nurturing us through the early years of our
square dancing experience. It was one of the best investments in time for us, introducing us to an activity that was healthy in numerous ways. We also met a whole new set of long term friends that expanded our social circles considerably. For about seven years we danced, attended square dance conventions, ate meals together and bonded as The Grand Squares.

We went out to a local cafeteria for supper and there met a former viola student of mine, Cathy and her friend, Bo. Cathy and I have sort of kept up with each other as both belong to FaceBook. It was such an unexpected surprise to to encounter her there! What a delight to catch up, albeit briefly, with her.

We took Ruth home and then headed for Brandermill. All the way home we saw where rain had fallen, and it continued to thunder and lightning in the distance but little evidence at our own home. A very nice day!!

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