Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A knee replacement

I've been cabin bound for about two weeks since Lib, my wife, had her recent knee replacement and I see that  it's been about a month since I've added anything to this blog. So here goes...

By now Lib and I pretty much have the surgery/recovery routine down rather well. This time last year she was getting over a horrendous back surgery and before that it was my two hip replacements. Thank goodness for modern medicine and Medicare. It is not the terror it used to be just a few decades ago.

She was a little behind schedule after the procedure and we had a significant and unplanned snow while she was at the hospital so we were one day later getting home. Bon Secour is a fine hospital where they really go the extra mile for their patients.

Knee recoveries are a little slower than hips. We knew that going in. She experienced significant discomfort while trying to get the ligaments and muscles that support walking to stretch and bend. Two weeks out. she still will need physical therapy to keep the joint flexing.

It is times such as these that I'm grateful for FaceBook even though it may be sifting through whatever about me it can profitably sell. Not too much. I'm not Catholic, but am encouraged by the character of the new Pope. Let us pray that he will have the courage and wisdom to clean house effectively. I've enjoyed the banter and pictures from Vijendra Trigatia. We share a common knowledge of Prospect Point and have built an online friendship which actually came from his accessing this blog. Just recently I have come to know one of his friends, Milena Maglich, who has recently written a published novel, "Riding the Tiger" I hope to read.
Others in my active circle include Natasha Cooper, a former string student who is studying architecture in Nebraska, and members of my family and new friends I have made here in Richmond and from my church at large.

Sudden snow on Wednesday
It's an interesting world and since I have an abundance of time I work at cultivating my on line circle. I can do this between the moments that Lib requires attention and assistance.

Bon Secour entrance and bell tower
Walkway at Bon Secour

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