Monday, June 3, 2013

A Grandson's Graduation...

Grandma Lib in hotel lobby

Dan right after graduation ceremony

Granddad Bob White looking at diploma
This past weekend  June 1, 2013  our grandson Dan White graduated from Charter High School of Wilmington, DE.  It was a gala occasion with the ceremony occurring on the stage of the Dupont Hotel. There were over 200 graduates. I was impressed  by the decorum off the audience especially at the awarding of the diplomas; no cheering and catcalls, just respectful silence.
My grandfather as far as I can recollect did not attend college. All his children attended and a few even received advanced degrees. My graduating class at Mathias, WV  in 1955 was all of twelve strong. At least half  graduated from college. I distinctly recall feeling a little foolish in my cap and gown, even though I had scarcely attained the gold chord of the Honor society. Though college was a definite next step I knew that I was an adult only in name, that true adulthood was when you were economically independent. Still, there was the family jubilation upon my graduation.
Over the decades it is the college degree that signals entrance into adulthood and that open doors to jobs  or careers that promise some economic security or personal fulfillment. Dan graduated from  one of  the nation's top high schools and will be attending Temple University nearby with  both academic and  sports scholarships. He soccer abilities have been noted.
The Hotel Dupont, one of the venerable and classy national hotels has a history going back a hundred years and she carries her age with dignity and aplomb. That the school holds its ceremonies at  this venue speaks volumes.
Afterwards we celebrated at his home with both sets of grandparents and family.

Bill, Dan, and Lib 

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