Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christmas Place and WOSA

Wednesday July 3rd Lib and I headed for Sevierville, TN hoping for some shopping in Pigeon Forge and a run up to Newfound Gap in the Smokies. Since we didn't leave Charlotte until noon it was about 6:00 or 7:00 before we arrived at our Hampton Inn at Kodak and traffic looked heavy.
Thursday morning we spent doing necessary laundry from our Annual Conference jaunt. Then after lunch we bravely set out for Pigeon Forge and the Christmas place. When we emerged on the main highway it was a parking lot, taking us the better part of two harried hours to reach the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.. It was a relief to get out of traffic (the bane of the American motorist) and enjoy the myriad displays of this eternal Christmas world at its gaudiest. We shopped a few other places at this merchandising mecca and then decided the run up to the Gap wouldn't be worth the long crawl up.
Friday morning we made an uneventful  drive to Maryville College and began our Woodstock Old Students Association (WOSA) activities.After stowing our gear and enjoying a quick cup of chai my first obligation was a rehearsal with Judie Landry and our trio. We spent the greater part of the allotted time on a new composition.
That evening after a delicious buffet supper we squeezed in conversations with classmates and others we had known at Woodstock with performances by a local string band and a very funny local story teller.Our suite mates were Betty and Dick Conard from Florida. Betty and I crossed  paths; she arriving at Woodstock as I was leaving. We have since become good friends through a class writing group. It was a delight to be with them all through the event.
Saturday and Sunday were rehearsals and attendance at the business meeting and hearing optimistic reports of  Woodstock's future and place on the India educational scene. The new principal has very ambitious plans!
Saturday night was the traditional Indian khanna. Many chose to wear native costumes. At the end Charlene Chitamber led group singing of the favorite Woodstock songs.
Sunday morning we had a combination worship and memorial service. The piece for choir Reflections, for strings, choir and piano specially composed for the event was well received. Sunday night was Woodstock "stories" night and several interesting ones were revealed. Our trio finished up the evening by playing "Ashokan Farewell" .
Monday morning we ate breakfast together one more time, took our final photos and prepared for the long trip home.All in all it was a very enjoyable get together, something I would never have imagined when I walked down The Ramp for what I knew was my last time in 1951. The last three pics were taken by friend and classmate Dr. Fred Holloszy.

By 5:30 we were glad to see our familiar street and home once again.

The Christmas Place

One of a zillion displayed items

artificial tree...good way to check camera
Judie Landry glad to see her and get information!

Lib  and I at breakfast

class of '55 table and spouses
trio Sunday night?

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