Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All Around the Campfire,,,

On the first Tuesday of August each year our country celebrates a community get together under the banner of getting to know your neighbors to reduce crime. Rumor has it that Chesterfield County in Virginia is way up on the charts for actually doing this.The Brandermill area is well known for its participation.

Several years ago Lib and I were asked if we would let our driveway be the spot for the up coming gathering and we were more than happy to cooperate. Nancy, the coordinator brings tables and snacks, puts up balloons, stuffs notices in our mail boxes, and advises that we're part of the celebration. She also has pamphlets and small safety articles to pass out for anyone interested.

This year we had 4-5 police drop by to say hello and two community spokespersons whose business it was to visit/verify our activities. Didn't count but I expect there were 20 + drop by to visit. We had some new visitors and missed some who had come by before. William Quarles, running for delegate to our Virginia government dropped by and passed out cards. Thought that showed he cared enough to show up. It's always good to renew acquaintances with people we usually just "hi" to on our morning walks. The children are always a high light and we can see how much they've grown.

Which brings me to another thought... in the olden days people used to gather around a fire in some common area of the village and talk....sort of like we did. Except their meetings were probably every evening and they really got to hash out communal problems and rehearse tribal history. Wonder if we're missing some of our humanity by not having a similar function. Guess church or club serves that function, but they're not really neighbors that live beside us. We need some way to have regular face to face relaxed ways of keeping up with our neighbors beside us. If you know a community that does this would love to hear from you whether you live in state or around the other side of the world.
Our neighbors and a constable

The littlest ones we watch grow

Having fun curbside..

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